Sarquis’ portraits changed everything. James Thomas has the identity of the man hunting him, but there’s one problem…

James can’t kill him until he has the code that will save Mak Ashwood’s life. And the man hunting him is the only one with the code. 

James must take him alive, but he can’t do that without resources. Resources he doesn’t currently have. 

James will do anything to protect those he loves, and that includes making a deal with Europe’s most feared and violent man. The same man that wants to kidnap and torture James’ girlfriend. A man known as Alexandr Biskup.

The risks are grave. The deal will create a powerful alliance, but the clock is ticking: if James fails, he and everyone he loves will die.

LUCIAN is the fourth novel in Brooke Sivendra’s romantic suspense series and will be released on 20 December 2016. 

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Praise for the James Thomas series:

“I’m so thirsty for more…compelling, mind-blowing, SEXY and full of intrigue right down to the last page. I love, love, love this series. The characters feel so real and you find yourself really caring about what happens to them. I never wanted this journey to end, and with each turn of the page I found myself hungrily reading the next.”



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