THE FAVOR: A James Thomas novella should be read after SORIN, the fifth and final book of the James Thomas series. THE FAVOR is set approximately nine years prior to ESCANTA, book one of the James Thomas Series.

New identities. New lives. They thought they were safe in Tokyo, but they were wrong . . .

James Thomas has been running since he fled Russia, but for the first time in his life, he isn’t alone: Deacon and Nicole are with him.

They’d worked hard to keep their identities a secret. However, when a man from James’ past turns up in Tokyo searching for him, James knows they must eliminate the threat before it eliminates them.

But that means going back to Russia for intel, and if James or Deacon show their face on the streets, they’ll never get out alive. They need someone to go in their place. Someone unsuspecting. Someone with no links to the Russian Mafia. Someone crazy enough to help them in return for a favor. They need Kyoji Tohmatsu—Tokyo’s infamous gangster.

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The James Thomas Series reading order:







Please note that although James and Deacon Thomas, and Kyoji Tohmatsu, feature in both the James Thomas Series and the Soul Series, the stories are totally different and the series can be read in any order. However, I do recommend reading the James Thomas series followed by the Soul Series.

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